Doctor Vrunda is empathetic, caring, always available and listens patiently to her patients. I have been to several other doctors earlier but most of them always seem to be in a hurry! Something which is very unsettling for a patient who is not only physically in distress but also mentally distressed because of their diagnosis. From my first visit itself she made me feel so much more positive and hopeful.

Juneli Roy

I've always had a great experience with Dr. Vrunda, a reason why I kept going back to her for advice even after moving out of Mumbai. What I like most about her is that she has a very holistic approach to any problem. She won't just prescribe numerous pills to suppress an issue, she tries and gets to the bottom of it.

Suchandra Banerjee

I have very nice experience with dr .she is so friendly and make u feel confortable to share and discuss your problem .Apart from this her knowledge excellence and type of treating patients is great. She was giving her time quickly and helping on whats up too. I found her like a friend .Just great person and dr too

Rochana Desai

Excellent doctor माझ्या आईचे आयुष्य वेदनारहित व आनंदी करून देण्यात फारच मोलाचे सहकार्य (आईला आयुष्यातली चार वर्ष वाढून दिली) मॅडमनी केले आहे खूप खूप धन्यवाद..

संतोष महाजन

Doctor Vrinda Madam is an expert doctor. But speak clearly and reassuringly. I can confidently suggest Madame's name to others.
डॉक्टर वृंदा मॅडम तज्ज्ञ डॉक्टर आहेतच. पण स्पष्ट आणि आश्वासक बोलतात. मी मॅडमचे नाव आत्मविश्वासाने इतरांना सुचवू शकते.

Prerana Mayekar

You are a wonderful, trustworthy and a caring doctor. Your friendly nature gives much comfort to your patients. Keep smiling and keep doing what you do so well.

Renu Kinny

Very good gyanacologist. Kind towards patients.listen us carefully. Her treatment n results are very good.

Sonakshi kadam

Dr.Vrundha truly hears the Patient patiently.. explains well & gives an excellent treatment..Truly Luv Her She is Best Gynaecologist along with Oncology. ( Cancer Specialist too)

Gita Nair

Dr. Vrunda is one of the best gynac, she helped me through out my pregnancy in lockdown and was available just a message away as i was a 1st time mom. Highly recommended

Deepal Waghela

Thank you so much for your treatment and consultation. One of the best Dr. I've ever met.

Dipti Deshmukh

Very good doctor. Helping, caring, knowledgeable. Treats patients with empathy

Prashant Parulekar

Best doctor I’ve ever met so soft spoken and ready to help at any time and caring also

Inderjeet Singh
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